So, I’ve been super duper busy lately and haven’t written a post. Well I did mentally, but not physically. Trying to get H’s ADHD meds straightened out, and get his grades up, and work and coaching the little one’s softball team. I’ll get those caught up but, this post had to take top priority. 

We went earlier in the week for yearly allergy tests. In case you haven’t read my introduction post, my oldest child was diagnosed when he was almost 2 with severe food allergies to eggs, milk and beef and a milder allergy to peanuts and shellfish, which he outgrew. The egg, milk and beef allergies have remained. He is 11 now. Every year it has been the same story. We get ready, we’re hopeful and then let down again when we find out he hasn’t outgrown anything. This year was a little different. 

He had NO skin reaction to egg!!! Milk and beef are still there, but no reaction to one out of three is HUGE for us, after being allergic for so long. Since his allergies have been so severe and he has had anaphylaxis, the doctor wanted him to come back to the office to do an oral food challenge. 

SO today, we are going to do a food challenge!! For the first time in ten years my boy will get to try eggs. I’m nervous, but I know they wouldn’t even recommend we try if they thought he was at high risk. And we’ll be there in the office with several doctors if anything happens. He’s a little nervous, but mostly worried they he won’t like how they taste. 

I will do a follow up post with our results!