For people with multiple allergies like my son, there are some things that are almost impossible to eat or find alternatives to. 

My son has had a severe allergy to milk and eggs (but just recently outgrew egg…yes!) for several years now. With both of those allergies, or even if he was just allergic to milk, something that is hard to find for him is chocolate. 

I’d found some baking chocolate that is safe for him, so I can cookies and such, but holidays were the worst. Everyone else gets to eat the novelty chocolates and chocolate lollipops and my sweet boy couldn’t have any. 

That is until we discovered Amanda’s Own Confections. We were recently given the opportunity to sample and review some chocolate from Amanda’s Own Confections Easter line. 

We received a box of bunnies, a small bunny, a large bunny and two chocolate lollipops. He got to the box of chocolate bunnies first. He didn’t want to share with his sisters, but I convinced him to let Mom have some 🙂 

As someone who doesn’t have any dairy or egg allergies and also as someone who is a HUGE lover of chocolate, I was a little apprehensive. I was unsure of how it would taste and if it would be good. 

I was more than pleasantly surprised. A lot of times, non dairy or dark chocolate can taste a little bitter. Not this chocolate!! It wasn’t bitter at all. It just sweet enough, without being overly sweet. My son loved it, and said it was the best chocolate he ever had. He took one of the lollipops to school to show his friends that he could now have chocolate lollipops too! 

We kept it in the refrigerator so it wouldn’t melt easily, as it’s been rather warm here lately. He is saving his two bunnies for Easter. He and I were both impressed with the chocolate. 

Amanda’s Own chocolates are dairy free, tree nut free, peanut free, egg free, and gluten free. They offer novelty chocolates for almost any occasion, as well as no occasion at all. Because do you really need an occasion to eat chocolate?? They also sell chocolate chips, bark and clusters, and chocolate bars. Additionally they have added allergen free chocolate chip cookie dough to their inventory. (I managed to get my hands on some of that too and will review at a later date). Their prices are also very affordable for what they offering. Plus, everything comes packaged so nicely. 

I will definitely be using Amanda’s Own Confections to buy chocolate for special occasions from now on.